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C-TRAC Seeks Applicants to Participate in Design of 21st Century Cyber Training Model for Air Force

Thursday, October 13, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Fred Bauters
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C-TRAC is actively seeking applicants to participate in the design of the 21st Century Cyber Training Model for the Air Force. This project’s application deadline is 10/17/2016.

The purpose of this Agreement is to promote cooperative activities between the Air Force and C-TRAC which aid in executing the mission of CyberWorx and developing Technology Transfer opportunities and processes as well as identifying small businesses or educational institutions that need or can make demonstrably productive use of technology-related assistance from a Federal Laboratory.

CyberWorx at the AFA will provide a centralized environment where budding Airmen can work hand-in-hand with industry, academia, and agency partners to continually push the leading edge of technology and its application and, through robust training and education, create the conditions for Air Force core mission execution wherever and whenever needed.


In many cases, Corporate America is more efficient at technology innovation than the federal government-faster, better and cheaper at envisioning and bringing capability to bear. Moreover, in the “cyber realm,” a networked team of small, entrepreneurial companies can provide capability, flexibility and cost margins beyond competitive with larger enterprises. To this end, CyberWorx intends to partner in new and novel ways with non-traditional partner teams to better exploit the rapid pace of cyber technology development.

CyberWorx represents a mechanism and physical forum for the Air Force to develop and explore new paradigms, examining:

1) New ways to innovate

2) New ways to partner

3) New ways to acquire capability

4) New ways to build proficiency

5) New ways to develop policy

6) New ways to lead change

The long-term objective of the USAF A Superintendent and Dean is to create a robust technology transfer program. CyberWorx seeks to achieve this mission by implementing a broad based program to enhance the quality and scope of Intellectual Property (IP) that is developed and transformed into commercially viable products; by supporting licensing opportunities through creation of an innovative technology transfer office; and by identifying joint research activities whereby outside organizations may have opportunities to conduct joint research. All of these activities are anticipated to support the local community, the state, and the nation in new business creation and growth especially of middle market companies. This will potentially result in long term licensing revenues received by the Air Force thereby providing important financial support to further its mission. Shorter term objectives will address a series of community-focused events to be held at USAFA for the purpose of attracting new start-ups, entrepreneurs, higher-education, and other industry to engage with USAFA to license existing intellectual property, to collaborate, and to purchase testing services.


CyberWorx requires an efficient and robust means to identify, vet and rapidly assemble teams to participate in projects focused on the development of innovation game changing technologies. To this end, the objective of this Agreement is to leverage a Colorado Springs-based non-profit with experience aligning commercial teams in support of the CyberWorx mission. In addition, the Intermediary will design a plan to align commercial teams to take proofs of concept to the commercial sector and assist in development of technology transfer agreements, expeditious transition, Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) plans for potential commercial partners, intellectual property plans and export control plans.


The Intermediary will aid the Air Force in gaining exposure of CyberWorx activities in the local community and subsequently advise the Air Force on Technology Transfer opportunities with small business firms, institutions of higher education and educational institutions within the meaning of 10 U .S.C. §2194. The Intermediary will advise the Air Force on achieving the long-term objective of developing a robust technology transfer program and may assist with “marketing” activities which showcase research at the USAFA.

Both Parties will:

Conduct rapid assembly of small to mid-size businesses (or other commercial partner) teams to participate on CyberWorx projects focused on the development of innovation game changing technologies. Parties will first codify, through (IP) and funding/investment strategies, the process by which government technology flows and how it will ultimately be delivered to the warfighter.
Assist in creating an environment where companies are comfortable collaborating, so that companies can team to take products to market. In order to rapidly assemble multi-disciplinary teams from across industry, academia and the federal government and together, through facilitated design thinking, quickly develop innovative solutions to difficult cyber problems, one must create and enable a culture in core principles of teaming, sharing of data and technology, collective vision and will.
Work alongside national and international private sector product development companies that are ready to assist the Air Force in demonstrating how existing policy and legislation can be leveraged more effectively to launch start-ups, transfer solutions and other proofs of concept.
Help ensure proper handoff of Air Force products (e.g. ideas/concepts, hardware, software, prototypes) to willing transition partners for further Research and Development (R&D), commercialization and/or operationalization while maintaining CyberWorx teaming construct involving temporary/project-based partnerships from among multiple/diverse industry sectors, academia, and federal organizations.
Contribute to the development of an operations plan outlining details regarding workflow, teaming, legal constraints/restraints and value propositions necessary to realizing the larger CyberWorx strategic intent.


CyberWorx is a program founded by USAFA that aims to utilize design thinking as a means to bring industry partners, cadets, USAFA and local university professors into a collaborative partnership where real Air Force cyber-related problems can be explored and viable, research-based, innovative solutions with commercial potential can result. 

Because cyber is a growing 21st Century concern for military commanders as well as industry leaders who know what potential breeches in cybersecurity could create on a global scale, the leadership of USAFA’s CyberWorx program has selected “21st Century Cyber Training” as the theme of the next CyberWorx session.  All industry leaders who wish to contribute to this collaborative project are encouraged to apply.  Ideal candidates, however, will be selected from the following areas of industry:  Gaming/Simulation, Entertainment, Custom Training House, Social Media, Marketing, Healthcare.  Although participants will not be compensated for their involvement in this program, the benefits are numerous including networking with leaders in industry, academia, and the military in a collaborative effort that could dynamically change the face of cyber training as well as transform best practices within the participant’s own workplace.

Dates:  October 31 – November 4, 2016

Times:  8am – 5pm, lunch provided (C-TRAC is seeking a sponsor)

Location: TBD

Requirements:   Because collaboration is the foundation of design thinking, participants  will be restricted from promoting their own businesses within the project.   Although intellectual property is not anticipated to be generated within the course, if it is, it will belong to the Air Force. Knowledge obtained during participation belongs to the participant.

To Participate: Submit your contact information here: (please use “21st Century Cyber Training” in the subject).

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