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Global MindED Conference

Posted By Alexandra West, Colorado Technology Foundation, Thursday, January 22, 2015

The GlobalMindED Conference is a Denver-based organization bringing together students, educators, policymakers, business professionals, and thought leaders from around the world to share innovative best practices.


As a leader in technology, we invite you to be a part of the GlobalMindED Conference. This is a unique opportunity to promote your company’s efforts and get direct feedback to inform your own tools and technology. In addition, this conference may provide a platform for recruiting outstanding first-generation-to-college students who will be in attendance.


This innovative education conference:

  • Brings national and international perspectives and best practices to a global stage.
  • Features experts from across industries to promote a deeper understanding of education as an economic driver.
  • Engages student leaders to solve education’s biggest problems and present best solutions to conference-goers.
  • Establishes important networks and connections among education leaders.

Experts will facilitate sessions to challenge traditional ideas and generate possibilities around the following conference tracks:

  • K12
  • Higher Education
  • Global Work Skills
  • STEM
  • Students
  • Policy
  • Technology 

Participants will leave the conference with a new community of connections, blueprints for innovative ideas, and a perspective to inspire and deliver the best outcomes possible for today’s students, graduates, and leaders in business and technology. We hope you will consider joining this unique conference. To learn more and register, please visit Early-bird registration ends February 1, 2015.

Conference Details

June 18-19, 2015 (optional pre-conference June 17)

Denver Marriott City Center

1701 California Street

Denver, CO 80202

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Tags:  education  innovation  STEM  technology  workforce 

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What to Do with Decommissioned IT Equipment

Posted By IT, Monday, June 23, 2014

You've decommissioned your company’s unwanted IT equipment. Now what? The typical solution for many companies is to recycle the excess technology, but recycling is just one of the available options for decommissioned IT equipment. As a smart IT professional, your priority is to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your company. In this article, we’ll look at the three best ways to handle your excess technology.

Recycling Decommissioned IT Equipment

In the best case scenario, recycling your decommissioned IT equipment brings with it several benefits. First, it is an environmentally friendly solution for your unwanted technology. Second, depending upon the services provided by the recycling company, it can be an efficient solution. Many recycling companies offer free pick-up, and will transport your equipment to their facility to be recycled. With these services, recycling can be a fast and simple option for your IT asset disposition.

However, in the worst case, a recycler can prove to be a huge liability for your company. In the hands of an unethical recycler, the data on your technology is not safe. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous recyclers to illegally export your old IT equipment, with your exposed data, to ChinaGhana, or other overseas locations. In these countries, your equipment is disassembled in unregulated conditions, irreparably damaging the health of the local people and polluting the environment. No company wants to be connected to such activity. This is why, if your company does choose to recycle your old technology, you should partner with a certified recycler to ensure that your technology is ethically and responsibly recycled.

Ultimately, choosing to recycle your end of life technology is all about convenience. It is efficient, but as we will see later, it is not the most cost-effective option.

Donating Your Decommissioned IT Equipment

Another option for your decommissioned IT equipment is to donate the technology to a local charity or nonprofit organization. However, you cannot simply hand over your old technology to your favorite nonprofit; they may not have a use for it. To donate the equipment in a helpful way requires a little forethought. First, you’ll need to find a nonprofit organization that could make good use of the technology. Second, you’ll need to make sure that the old equipment is in working condition. If you give nonfunctional IT equipment to a nonprofit organization, it will only become a financial burden for them and waste their already limited resources. To make the most of your donation, it is best to test and refurbish the equipment before donating it.

This process takes work. If your company is looking for a more efficient way to donate your excess technology, it will be best to partner with a company or organization who can facilitate this kind of donation. Ultimately, donating your decommissioned IT equipment may not be the most efficient or cost-effective solution, but the social good produced by aiding the local community outweighs these considerations.

Partnering with an IT Asset Recovery Company

The most efficient and cost-effective solution for your decommissioned IT equipment is to partner with an IT asset recovery company. Many IT asset recovery companies offer the same convenience as a recycler – they will pick-up and transport your equipment off-site, free of charge. The key difference is that IT asset recovery companies specialize in getting you the highest return for the IT equipment that still has value. These companies will purchase your excess corporate technology from you. With the funds generated by this new revenue stream, you can decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your technology, creating a more cost-effective decommissioning process for your company. This combines the efficiency and simplicity of a recycling service with the cost-benefits of a new revenue stream. By utilizing the services of an IT asset recovery company, you can redeem funds from your old technology, and implement a truly efficient and cost-effective strategy.

If you have decommissioned IT equipment, we can help. Partner with us, and we'll manage your IT asset disposition every step of the way, from pickup and transportation, to certified data destruction and ethical recycling. Get started with a free IT equipment valuation.

Tags:  Green IT  IT  technology  technology industry 

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Telecom package signed into law

Posted By Nissa Szabo, Industry Affairs Manager, Monday, May 12, 2014
Friday, May 9th was a very excited day for the technology community and Colorado consumers. The Governor signed the telecom reform package - largest-ever telecom package signed into law in the nation. The package will help create a level playing field as companies continue to modernize their offerings to Colorado consumers. The package includes a bill that will boost broadband deployment to eliminate barriers and streamline processes to make investments in broadband more effective. Another bill will modernize current statutes to reflect current technology. The telecom definitions have not been updated for over twenty years. CTA is very proud to have had the opportunity to be part of such a large piece of history in the state.

Tags:  advocacy  legislation  technology  Telecom 

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The Power of Collaboration

Posted By Erik Mitisek, CEO, Monday, May 5, 2014

This Friday, the Governor is scheduled to sign into law five pieces of legislation that together, create the Telecom Reform Package for Colorado.  Good news: Colorado did it!


After working on telecom reform for the greater part of the last four legislative sessions (four years), what made this year different?  Collaboration.  During this session all stakeholders came together before the session even started and committed to the process of passing what would become the Telecom Reform Package.  Coming together was the key element.  The 2014 legislative session, around this complex technology and telecom issue, was marked by collaboration.  The willingness to align shared interest, find the point where all parties succeed, and collectively ban together to move Colorado forward.


For that, congratulations to the Colorado technology community for this spirit of partnership. 


Looking to the process that helped pass the Telecom Reform Package this year, I think that there is much to learn about building Colorado together.  Building communities together.  Building our businesses together.


Collaboration wins.  Last fall, I referenced that in Colorado, “C” is for collaboration.  And that holds true now more than ever.  It is in our spirit, our heritage, and work ethic to cooperate and help Colorado succeed.  


This month, think about how you and your organization can collaborate to make a better Colorado.  You can see the progress through the lens of Telecom Reform how impactful we can be when we work together.  The future of the Colorado technology community is in each of your hands, and the ability to forge relationships, partnerships and work together, will make the difference.


Thank you for all you do to make Colorado what it is - and collaboration wins!


In partnership,

Tags:  advocacy  Colorado  legislation  technology  Telecom 

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Free CTA memberships for teachers!

Posted By Megan Ryan, Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Monday, May 5, 2014
Updated: Friday, May 2, 2014

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We are excited to launch a new offer for teachers to join CTA for FREE! Educators in the areas of 

CTA represents technology companies and IT departments across the state from the software, hardware, IT services, telecommunications, broadcasting, media and electronics sectors. We recognize the power of employer engagement in STEM education and work to convene industry and education to foster a vibrant network. 

We are pleased to offer Colorado technology teachers a FREE individual membership.  Simply fill out this form and we'll get you enrolled. We truly appreciate what you do everyday and hope you will accept this small token of our appreciation. Thank you!

Tags:  education  technology 

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Denver Startup Week 2014 Event Submissions are OPEN -- Ends May 23rd!

Posted By Erik Mitisek, CEO, Friday, May 2, 2014

They often say, “Third Time is a Charm” --- and we hope that is the case to build upon what has been called the Largest FREE Startup Event in the US.  We are excited to announce (much earlier than years past) that Denver Startup Week Event Submissions are now OPEN!

We will be accepting submissions until May 23rd – so APPLY NOW to be part of the best Denver Startup Week yet.

What makes a good submission you ask?  Well, here are…

5 Things That Make a Good Event Submission

  1. Give Before You Get.  Does your event benefit the community – or you?  If the answer is that you are giving away knowledge, perspective or tips and tricks that help a fellow entrepreneur success – that rocks.
  2. Thought Leadership – Not a Shameless Marketing Pitch for your Company.  Yes, we know this is tempting – but if you want to promote your company, do it through the lens of thought leadership and best practices and include fellow leaders (aka. Competition, Partners, etc.) to truly reflect the topic, not your specific business.
  3. Your Office or Unique Space.  Denver Startup Week is about Denver – and showcasing the awesomeness we all enjoy in the startup community.  If you have a cool office, work in a cool co-working space – or know of a cool location that reflects Denver – host it there.  We all love coming to new places.
  4. Real, Relevant Content.  The best events have the richest, real and relevant content.  Seems logical – but we have seen events that are dated, not researched – or rushed and often wastes your time and the time of your attendees.  Prepare, prepare, and prepare for the best results.
  5. Something Fun and Special.  In years past, events that gave away unique swag, signature drinks or food, had special giveaways and did things that were just fun – crushed.  What will you be remembered by?

DON’T FORGET.  Free libations (aka. beer, cocktails, or .....)  

This is Denver Startup Week after all.

When we founded Denver Startup Week in 2012 – we did with the vision of being entrepreneur led with programming that reflects the hottest and trending topics, relevant issues and just plain fun gatherings to instill a sense of community in our startup ecosystem.

Well – it has worked.  With over 70 events in 2012 and over 125 events in 2013 – we hope that the event lineup this year fuels our startup scene through education, thought leadership and company showcases that reflect Denver as the definitive technology hub between the coasts.

So APPLY NOW.  Submissions close May 23rd. 

Get planning, get submitting – and let’s build the best Denver Startup Week yet.

Cannot wait to see what you, the awesomest startup community in the U.S. produces this year!


Erik Mitisek, Co-Founder, Denver Startup Week | Chairman, BuiltIn Colorado

Tags:  startups  technology 

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Tips and Tricks to bidding at C-Level @ A Mile High

Posted By Rolf Kramer, KORE1, Thursday, February 13, 2014
•The key to a successful C-Level is to do your homework! Before the event familiarize yourself with the celebrities, their companies and the silent auction items

Secure budget approval for celebrity bids you wish to make
Tip:If you are a small business, consider partnering with another company to increase your bid potential and odds of winning your desired celebrity

Download the mobile app prior to the event to avoid possible download delays, and be the first to read the company projects. Projects are not released until 5pm the day of the event!

•Check in with an ambassador. Each celebrity will have an ambassador who will manage access to the celebrity and will have flashing target name badges.
You will be given 5 minutes to chat with the celebrity to determine if they are someone you want to bid on. Bring your business cards!

Tags:  CIO  C-Level  IT  technology 

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Being a CIO is not what it used to be… thank Goodness!

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, February 4, 2014
CIO’s are more often than not responsible for more than traditional internal systems and technology. This is a great way for organizations to leverage the vantage point that CIO’s enjoy both internally and externally.


CIO’s are aware of and often deeply involved with the organization’s strategy.
CIO’s understand the organizations assets and how we they differentiated in the market from competitors. We see how technology can fuel this kind of positioning.
Internally, CIO’s hear every day about the challenges and opportunities that exist to improve the way the other business units deliver their products and services to customers.
CIO’s hear about challenges and opportunities to improve the internal service organizations processes and procedures. We know which shared services are working well and which need support. We know why employees are frustrated with internal obstacles and how to resolve them. We usually have strong relationships with our peers in HR, finance, operations, legal and communications. We know we need support from the other groups to be successful.
CIO’s know how the business works in pretty decent detail. We see the work flow across departmental silo’s and know where the black holes can be.
CIO’s know how investment decisions are made and how projects are prioritized- both formally and informally.
Vendor management- IT often relies on external partners, suppliers and vendors to deliver services. These are lessons learned that can be shared with other parts of the organization as margin pressures force many services outside the organization.



CIO’s know where the technology industry is headed. We work with partners every day and are often intimately aware of product roadmaps and technology trends. We follow the big corporations and the startups. We are inspired by what is new and cool- that’s usually how we got here.
CIO’s have strong peer relationships with other CIO’s – we read and hear a lot about what is happening in other businesses inside our industry and with other industries. We help each other.
CIO’s are constantly learning and growing and want to be ahead of the curve on what market forces will impact their organizations- it is one of our survival mechanisms to do so.
CIO’s understand risk and compliance- we pay attention to regulatory requirements and risks. This is often precipitated by a risk around IT security and grows broader with learning and exposure to these relationships and learning.
CIO’s know how to think about information and how to use it as a strategic asset.
Outsourcing and globalization- this is an area IT has experience and lessons learned.
This translates to CIO’s happily taking on responsibilities in the following areas:

Business transformation- This is a natural extension given the amount of change management, business process redesign and project management that happens within IT programs and projects already- not to mention the fact that governance is usually already in place to prioritize and fund business transformation projects through IT already.
Product development- As more and more companies realize they are technology companies more than anything else, and that their technology is their product, it makes sense that the organization who knows the most about technology is best suited to develop new products and services to go to market. IT also happens to have a pretty good understanding of the software development life cycle as well as a codified support model with service level agreements (SLA’s).
Analytics and Big Data- think Chief Information Officer to Chief Digital Officer.
Customer experience- IT is not a stranger to multi-channel customer service- websites, call centers, customer surveys as well as ad hoc requests from all directions are something that is part of our business model. If we are smart enough to embrace marketing and corporate communications to put a bow on what we already do, we can be well positioned to help the organization from the inside out to deliver a stellar customer experience and hopefully take what we learn and apply it from the outside in to improve the employee experience at the same time.
Simplification and operational excellence- Many CIO’s can tell stories about learning industrial engineering techniques all the way back to Total Quality Management, Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, through business process re-engineering (remember Michael Hammer?) and the formation of ITIL. Depending on industry, many have also been through post Katrina disaster training learning our nation’s national incident management system NIMS and Incident Command Systems ICS. We know how to document, streamline and automate multidisciplinary processes big and small. We know how to define a service offering and commit to key performance indices. We know how to manage a crisis and when to use a different process to get through troubled times and be sure to capture lessons learned. We know how to take care of our teams and to develop our people. We have much to learn from others, but we know that better than most because we do it every day.

Shared Services- From the beginning, IT has experienced the pendulum swing between a centralized and decentralized model. There were mainframes in huge data centers and then came PC’s. Then IT regained control for a short period in history with client server enterprise applications until the consumerization trend took off and employees started downloading their own apps. With the advent of ITIL there was some focus back on centralized services and what may become a happy medium with Software as a Service (SaaS) managed through a centralized IT organization along with improvements in response time by the advent of cloud computing. Good or bad, CIO’s have been through the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized service models and have some perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

Link for more

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Starter House at sxsw

Posted By Wendy Nkomo, Colorado Technology Association, Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recharge, refuel and reconnect at the Starter House in Austin March 9 -March 11.

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Starter House

Starter House

What is Starter House?

If there's one thing starters need, it's a place to connect with the right people, recharge their batteries, grab a drink and unwind from the madness. Starter House lounges and signature happy hours will energize, refresh, and reconnect you with free wifi, flowing cocktails, free grub, awesome technology, and all kinds of schwag.


Come refuel, recharge and reconnect in Austin at theStarter House Loungerunning March 9 - March 11. For a full list of events and to sign up, head over to our website.

Need a ride? Trust HomeAdvisor to get you to and from the Starter House by tweeting your location to @homeadvisor using #trusthomeadvisor.


Starter House Would Like to Thank

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New Private Investments Unleash Power of Technology

Posted By Michael Price, Mighty Strong Media, Wednesday, December 5, 2012
If you’ve observed any neighborhood coffee shop lately it’s a glaring snapshot of consumer technology in action. People are constantly connected and tap into their mobile devices—streaming video, surfing the net, and doing business. Many of us don’t give much thought to the communications infrastructure that makes possible unprecedented connectivity and the latest technology.

The ever-increasing communications options we enjoy require advanced high-speed Internet protocol (IP)-based networks. Consumer behavior is pushing communications providers to upgrade their infrastructure to increase network capacity and support the latest innovations. But building communications infrastructure requires some serious private sector investment. One of the latest examples is AT&T’s announced plans to invest another $14 billion over the next three years to upgrade its next generation IP-based wireless and wireline networks.

Mega investments are a good sign for our communications infrastructure and economy. To encourage more of the same, lawmakers should make sure that outdated regulations don’t discourage continued investment in new IP-based technology. More private investment could unleash the power of technology and opportunities for consumers in ways we can’t even contemplate.

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