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“Get It Faster” is Theme for New ArcMail Social Media Contest

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
ArcMail Technology - a leading provider of archiving technologies and compliance solutions for enterprise companies and regulated industries - is excited to announce the launch of its "Get It Faster” contest series! Throughout the year, the company will showcase new and different themes for the contest - often holiday inspired - to help engage fans and thank them for following ArcMail. 

What’s the point? Archiving products from ArcMail make searching company information archives fast and easy, so ArcMail's making it fast and easy for its fans to find the prizes they’re looking for too. According to Linda Hartman, Vice President of Marketing at ArcMail, "The contests allow us to interact with our followers in new and innovative ways while reinforcing ArcMail’s brand message at the same time.” 

To enter, fans must login to Twitter through ArcMail’s contest page, follow ArcMail on Twitter and explain in a 140-character tweet how their prize (up to $50 in value) relates to the theme for that month. The most creative entries win and each month’s winner will be announced here on ArcMail's blog and Twitter page.

This month, ArcMail's kicking off the contest with a New Year’s resolution theme for January. Followers are prompted to tweet a prize of their choice and explain how their prize will help achieve their New Year’s resolution for 2012. This contest ends January 31st, so go get your tweet on and enter! The winner will be announced on February 1st. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to receive updates on each winner and notification of new contest themes for upcoming months. 

Get more updates from ArcMail by subscribing to the company's blog. The company offers information archiving products and compliance management solutions for every regulated industry, including:

Tags:  B2B technology  email archiving solutions  enterprise archiving  social media enterprise twitter contest 

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Largest European IT Company Bans Internal Emails

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Industry experts weigh in on the possible pros and cons of this extreme measure

Atos bans internal emailsCEO Thierry Breton of Atos, an international IT company that employs nearly 75,000 and brings in over $8B in annual revenues, made headlines across the world this month for enforcing a "zero email” policy that will go into effect over the next 18 months. The reason? He believes that the use of internal emails has become unsustainable and unproductive for his employees. Citing that only 15% of the 100 daily emails his employees receive are useful and the rest are spam, he hopes the ban will free up 15 to 20 hours of time per week that employees can spend on more useful activities. What’s the alternative? While external emails will still be used, internal communications will be restricted to chat, text and social media communication tools.

A forward-thinking policy? Or too extreme to implement?

As you can imagine, the online news outlets and blogosphere went crazy when this news hit, and while many commended the company for its forward thinking – after all, email usage is declining among the younger generations– most were skeptical of how it could be successfully implemented in a business setting. Some of the reasons for the skepticism include:

  • Fewer emails may mean more meetings - Without detailed email communications, some experts believe that more face-to-face meetings will be necessary, taking up a significant portion of the time Breton hopes to save.
  • IMs/texts are disruptive tools – While IMs and texts can help streamline communications, ultimately they are disruptive communication tools (i.e., one may initiate a chat or text conversation anytime, but it may not be a good time for the target) so employees may have trouble instantly connecting to busy co-workers. This may necessitate posting a message -- similar to the emails they would have sent -- to a social media site and waiting for a reply.
  • Productivity could still suffer - Increasing office chat could also backfire in the productivity department if employees begin over communicating or using IMs and texts to discuss non-work related topics.
  • Organizing and finding communications may be more difficult – Organizing and keeping track of chat, text and social media conversations can be extremely difficult depending on the tools one uses. Not to mention the need to archive and easily find those communications – as required by law for many industries – must also be considered. Industry-leading archiving companies like ArcMail offer multi-platform archiving solutions that can meet these needs.

Are improved email policies a better solution?

If the primary reason that internal emails are being banned is due to spam or the proliferation of unnecessary or lengthy emails, there are a few easy fixes that could be enforced to help solve the problem.

  • Update spam filters to block more outside spam from getting through
    • Ensure employees are marking junk emails as spam as part of this process
  • Update internal email policies with specific rules on:
    • When it’s appropriate to send an email and when it is not
    • Who should be included on emails and who should not
    • How often email updates should be sent out
    • What the acceptable length of an email is (i.e. 1-5 sentences)

According to a BBC News interview with Breton on December 6, 2011, the amount of internal emails at Atos has already been reduced by 20% since the announcement. Imagine what a few extra guidelines like these could do?

Please share your comments on this topic below or visit to learn more about our IMSalesForce™ Chatter™ and email archiving solutions. Read more posts from the email archiving provider on ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  archiving compliance solutions  ediscovery policy  email archiving  enterprise archiving 

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ArcMail Announces New Cloud Storage Gateway

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Friday, December 9, 2011
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2011

Get cost savings and convenience with secure storage in the cloud.

ArcMail is pleased to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Cloud Storage Gateway product, which allows you to leverage your existing storage infrastructures to store your archived content anywhere – in your local SAN, remote data centers, and private or public clouds. With the Cloud Storage Gateway, you have the all the benefits of ArcMail’s trusted archiving solutions – automatic indexing, the fastest search times and data security – without any additional hardware or maintenance costs.

How it works.

The Cloud Storage Gateway securely encrypts your electronic communications and related attachments and stores them in the remote or on-site locations of your choice.

Your data. Your choice.

ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway not only gives you the freedom to choose virtually any cloud storage partner, including Amazon S3Rackspace Cloud FilesMicrosoft Azure and OpenStack, you can also control what files go where and how long they stay. Using a combination "near store” and "far store” approach, your IT department can determine the files they want securely available on-site, while also taking advantage of the cost savings that cloud storage offers.

Get started with the Cloud Storage Gateway today.

Want to learn more about how the Cloud Storage Gateway can revolutionize your content and email archiving solution? Please read our press release, visit our Cloud Storage Gateway web page, or contact our sales team today. 

To view the original blog post, visit ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  cloud computing  data archiving  data storage  enterprise archiving 

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