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Startling Statistics Shed New Light on the Information Governance Challenges Ahead

Posted By Wendy Nkomo, Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In our last blog, Forbes Dubs Social Media the "Next Governance Frontier,” we talked about the importance of getting ahead of the curve on information governance laws that will be placed on social media in the not-so-distant future.  A new "Day in the Internet” info-graphic that MBA Online recently developed highlights just how much our dependence on  these types of online communications is growing – and begs the question of whether most companies will be prepared to deal with the compliance demands – even if we know they are coming.

According to MBA Online’s combined sources, every 24 hours:

  • 294 billion emails are sent
  • 2 million blog posts are written
  • 173 million different people visit Facebook
  • 4.7 million minutes are spent on Facebook
  • 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook
  • 40 million different people visit Twitter
  • 22 million different people visit LinkedIn
  • 20 million different people visit Google+
  • 22 million hours of old TV shows and movies are watched on Netflix
  • 846,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • 18.7 million hours of music is streamed through Pandora
  • 35 million apps are downloaded to mobile devices

With these types of statistics, it’s unlikely that most companies already have the policies and tools in place to ensure every electronic business communication is in compliance with current and anticipated information governance laws.  And, these statistics may only scratch the surface of what’s to come. So how will it all be archived, retrieved and then analyzed if a vast amount of communications are needed in eDiscovery? Who will have the time to sort through it all to figure out what’s valid? ArcMail’s email and social media archiving solutions are designed to help you do all of the above.

When you partner with ArcMail to help meet your social media and email compliance requirements,  you take advantage of all of these key service features and benefits:

  1. Automatic indexing – All archived communications and attachments are automatically indexed for you.
  2. Consolidation of all data in a single location – Whether you are archiving emails (from Outlook, Gmail, etc.) orarchiving instant messages (IM) or Salesforce™ Chatter™, all of your data can be centrally archived in our Defender appliance or in the cloud.
  3. Search using intuitive keywords – Any authorized individual – whether it’s an internal employee or support team member – can find emails, attachments, chats or instant messages using intuitive keywords and also restore that information as emails to any user’s inbox.
  4. Fast search times – ArcMail offers the fastest email archiving search times in the industry – proven 7 to 10 times faster than our closest competitor.

To learn more, please contact ArcMail today or watch the ArcMail-sponsored Osterman Research webinar Understanding the True Costs and Benefits of Archiving now.

View the original post on ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  big data  compliance  data archiving  email archiving  information governance 

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ArcMail Recognized as Email Archiving “Innovator” by Info-Tech Research Group

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Friday, February 17, 2012
Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 by Brian Crouch

Info-Tech Research GroupArcMail is pleased to announce that it is one of only two companies to be named an email archiving "innovator” in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2012 Vendor Landscape Report, which assesses and recognizes outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. The report gave ArcMail high marks for its products’ usability, affordability and architecture – as well as its channel program strategy – stating, "Organizations seeking a cost-effective solution that integrates with all major email platforms should look towards ArcMail Defender, an appliance platform that is quick and easy to deploy.”

Adoption of Email Archiving is on the Rise

In addition to the accolades ArcMail received, the report also highlighted that the adoption rate of email archiving is rapidly increasing due to the risks and consequences companies face if they don’t have the right technology in place. According to the group’s survey results:

  • 58% of organizations currently already have an email archiving solution in place
  • 27% are planning to deploy within the next 18 months

"The Vendor Landscape report highlights several important trends including the shift toward demand for email archiving solutions being driven primarily as a means to meet regulatory compliance needs and save the IT department time and grief," noted Rory Welch, CEO of ArcMail. "ArcMail remains dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers’ email compliance, data protection and rapid-fire information retrieval needs, and we’re very pleased to receive this recognition, particularly in the area of innovation, which continues to be an ArcMail competitive advantage.”

Want to learn more? For all the details on Info-Tech Research Group’s 2012 findings, please read the full press release. To learn more about ArcMail, visit their blog.

**The Info-Tech Research Group name and logo are exclusive property of Info-Tech Research Group Inc.

Tags:  ArcMail Technology  email archiving  Info-Tech Research Group  innovative technologies 

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Largest European IT Company Bans Internal Emails

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Industry experts weigh in on the possible pros and cons of this extreme measure

Atos bans internal emailsCEO Thierry Breton of Atos, an international IT company that employs nearly 75,000 and brings in over $8B in annual revenues, made headlines across the world this month for enforcing a "zero email” policy that will go into effect over the next 18 months. The reason? He believes that the use of internal emails has become unsustainable and unproductive for his employees. Citing that only 15% of the 100 daily emails his employees receive are useful and the rest are spam, he hopes the ban will free up 15 to 20 hours of time per week that employees can spend on more useful activities. What’s the alternative? While external emails will still be used, internal communications will be restricted to chat, text and social media communication tools.

A forward-thinking policy? Or too extreme to implement?

As you can imagine, the online news outlets and blogosphere went crazy when this news hit, and while many commended the company for its forward thinking – after all, email usage is declining among the younger generations– most were skeptical of how it could be successfully implemented in a business setting. Some of the reasons for the skepticism include:

  • Fewer emails may mean more meetings - Without detailed email communications, some experts believe that more face-to-face meetings will be necessary, taking up a significant portion of the time Breton hopes to save.
  • IMs/texts are disruptive tools – While IMs and texts can help streamline communications, ultimately they are disruptive communication tools (i.e., one may initiate a chat or text conversation anytime, but it may not be a good time for the target) so employees may have trouble instantly connecting to busy co-workers. This may necessitate posting a message -- similar to the emails they would have sent -- to a social media site and waiting for a reply.
  • Productivity could still suffer - Increasing office chat could also backfire in the productivity department if employees begin over communicating or using IMs and texts to discuss non-work related topics.
  • Organizing and finding communications may be more difficult – Organizing and keeping track of chat, text and social media conversations can be extremely difficult depending on the tools one uses. Not to mention the need to archive and easily find those communications – as required by law for many industries – must also be considered. Industry-leading archiving companies like ArcMail offer multi-platform archiving solutions that can meet these needs.

Are improved email policies a better solution?

If the primary reason that internal emails are being banned is due to spam or the proliferation of unnecessary or lengthy emails, there are a few easy fixes that could be enforced to help solve the problem.

  • Update spam filters to block more outside spam from getting through
    • Ensure employees are marking junk emails as spam as part of this process
  • Update internal email policies with specific rules on:
    • When it’s appropriate to send an email and when it is not
    • Who should be included on emails and who should not
    • How often email updates should be sent out
    • What the acceptable length of an email is (i.e. 1-5 sentences)

According to a BBC News interview with Breton on December 6, 2011, the amount of internal emails at Atos has already been reduced by 20% since the announcement. Imagine what a few extra guidelines like these could do?

Please share your comments on this topic below or visit to learn more about our IMSalesForce™ Chatter™ and email archiving solutions. Read more posts from the email archiving provider on ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  archiving compliance solutions  ediscovery policy  email archiving  enterprise archiving 

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Not all Archiving Companies are Created Equal

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Thursday, December 29, 2011
Updated: Thursday, December 29, 2011

As a sales manager, a great deal of my time is spent meeting with companies who are evaluating potential archiving partners and products – and, of course – answering the all-important question, "Why should I choose ArcMail?” With over four years of these conversations under my belt, I thought it might be helpful to share my thoughts on the most important factors to consider when choosing the right data and email archiving partner for your business, and what sets ArcMail apart from the competition.

Choosing an archiving specialist versus non-specialist

Not All Email Archiving Companies Are Created Equal It seems like everyone is offering some sort of an archiving product or service these days -- from backup and storage companies like Symantec, to security and networking companies like Barracuda, to software companies like Microsoft. But, choosing a company or product that doesn’t focus on archiving as its core competency can put you at risk, especially if you are in a regulated industry like finance, healthcare, or government. These companies often don’t understand all the compliance regulations you need to adhere to nor do they provide a comprehensive email archiving solution you can rely on for quick and cost-effective access to emails for eDiscovery.

Key factors to evaluate when choosing an email archiving solution

In my opinion, the most important factors to consider when you choose your data and email archiving partner and long-term solution include:

  • Search time and ease-of-use – When you need to produce emails quickly and cost-effectively for eDiscovery, an intuitive search interface with fast search times can save you a significant amount of time and money.
  • Indexing capabilities – This is key because your archived data and emails are only useful to you if you can find them!
  • Security and privacy of content – This is a hot topic right now considering cloud archiving services pose both security and privacy risks if they are not configured correctly. Whatever solution you choose must be secure, protect you from data loss and ensure your content does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cost – This is a big concern for many companies, especially given the current economy – and, there is a huge range of cost your solution could fall into. Custom solutions designed and built by companies like IBM can skyrocket into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and off-the-shelf email archiving software can cost hundreds in addition hardware necessary to implement the solution.
  • Innovation - The archiving space is changing every day, so you need a partner that is committed to creating new and better archiving products to meet your future needs.
  • Ongoing Support – You need a company that will take the time to understand your specific needs when building your solution and also be committed to giving you ongoing support when you need it.
  • Time-to-implement – This is a major consideration for any company that needs a solution implemented fairly quickly, and this can vary wildly depending on what type of solution you choose.
  • Platforms supported – You’ll definitely need a company that supports the email program you use now, as well as the other communication tools you use like instant messagingSalesforce™ Chatter™, etc.

What sets ArcMail apart from the competition

While all of the key factors listed above are at the heart of ArcMail’s email archiving solutions, what really sets ArcMail apart to our customers is that:

  • We are pioneers – We built the core of our system seven years ago, long before most email archiving solutions even came to market.
  • Archiving and indexing are synonymous to us – Everything that we archive is automatically indexed to ensure you can easily find and manage your content.
  • We offer the fastest search times in the industry – The reason our search is the fastest out there is because of the core indexing engine and very small middleware we’ve developed.
  • We’re focused on innovation – We’ve launched three new products in the last few months and are continually producing more.
  • We care about our customers – We truly care about our customers and our long-term relationships with them. Our customer support is also 100% located in the USA.

Want to learn more about why ArcMail is the safest, fastest and most economical email solution in the industry? Visit our website, or give us a call today at 866-906-9963 to schedule your own personal, online product demo or office visit.

Tags:  archiving compliance  eDiscovery  email archiving  social media policy 

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Archiving Rules: Giving Thanks for Technology

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Friday, December 9, 2011
With Thanksgiving upon us, now may be a good time to review—and give thanks for—the tools and technologies that make 21st century business communication so easy and effective.
  • Email:  In spite of the widespread adoption of social media, email remains the business community’s number-one tool of choice for communicating and conversing with customers and colleagues. It will be at least three more years before social networking surpasses email as the go-to tool for electronic business communication, according to industry analysts.
Email has given us much to be thankful for. Thanks to email, we can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively communicate with clients and coworkers next door or on the other side of the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Time zone constraints, budget-busting delivery costs, and missed deadlines are concerns of the past, all thanks to email. 

In spite of the benefits, however, email has created challenges that continue to plague enterprise users in 2011.  Many email users remain challenged by "good old-fashioned” email management.  If you still struggle with email policy, email compliance, email archiving, email retention, regulatory compliance, e-discovery, and other issues, now is the time to get your email management house in order.  Establishing best practice-based email policy and procedures today will help position you to deal effectively with social media risks and rules tomorrow.    
  • Smartphones:  In the U.S., 75 million employees are thankful to be equipped with personal or company-owned mobile phones.  A whopping 90% of smartphone owners use their devices daily to check email and surf the web, reports the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  Unfortunately for employers, mobile device use increases liability risks when employees talk, text, email, and surf while driving.  Smartphones also can lead to email management, email retention, and e-discovery disasters when employees use personal phones and accounts to conduct company business.  Adhere to best practices by implementing clear mobile device policy and procedures to help ensure that employees’ use of smartphones is compliant with the organization’s email policy and other employment rules.
  •  Archiving:  Any employer who has ever been embroiled in litigation has good reason to be thankful for email archiving. An email archive solution like ArcMail Defender helps ensure the automatic and legally compliant preservation, protection, and production of email messages and attachments. Thanks to email archiving, e-discovery obligations are met, legal requirements are fulfilled, regulatory compliance is achieved, battles over electronic evidence are minimized, and potentially costly court sanctions are averted.   
Want to know more about email policy, email retention, email archiving, or email management? Send your questions to Who knows?  Your question could be the subject of a future Archiving Rules post.
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tags:  compliance  electronic discovery  email archiving 

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