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Startling Statistics Shed New Light on the Information Governance Challenges Ahead

Posted By Wendy Nkomo, Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In our last blog, Forbes Dubs Social Media the "Next Governance Frontier,” we talked about the importance of getting ahead of the curve on information governance laws that will be placed on social media in the not-so-distant future.  A new "Day in the Internet” info-graphic that MBA Online recently developed highlights just how much our dependence on  these types of online communications is growing – and begs the question of whether most companies will be prepared to deal with the compliance demands – even if we know they are coming.

According to MBA Online’s combined sources, every 24 hours:

  • 294 billion emails are sent
  • 2 million blog posts are written
  • 173 million different people visit Facebook
  • 4.7 million minutes are spent on Facebook
  • 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook
  • 40 million different people visit Twitter
  • 22 million different people visit LinkedIn
  • 20 million different people visit Google+
  • 22 million hours of old TV shows and movies are watched on Netflix
  • 846,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • 18.7 million hours of music is streamed through Pandora
  • 35 million apps are downloaded to mobile devices

With these types of statistics, it’s unlikely that most companies already have the policies and tools in place to ensure every electronic business communication is in compliance with current and anticipated information governance laws.  And, these statistics may only scratch the surface of what’s to come. So how will it all be archived, retrieved and then analyzed if a vast amount of communications are needed in eDiscovery? Who will have the time to sort through it all to figure out what’s valid? ArcMail’s email and social media archiving solutions are designed to help you do all of the above.

When you partner with ArcMail to help meet your social media and email compliance requirements,  you take advantage of all of these key service features and benefits:

  1. Automatic indexing – All archived communications and attachments are automatically indexed for you.
  2. Consolidation of all data in a single location – Whether you are archiving emails (from Outlook, Gmail, etc.) orarchiving instant messages (IM) or Salesforce™ Chatter™, all of your data can be centrally archived in our Defender appliance or in the cloud.
  3. Search using intuitive keywords – Any authorized individual – whether it’s an internal employee or support team member – can find emails, attachments, chats or instant messages using intuitive keywords and also restore that information as emails to any user’s inbox.
  4. Fast search times – ArcMail offers the fastest email archiving search times in the industry – proven 7 to 10 times faster than our closest competitor.

To learn more, please contact ArcMail today or watch the ArcMail-sponsored Osterman Research webinar Understanding the True Costs and Benefits of Archiving now.

View the original post on ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  big data  compliance  data archiving  email archiving  information governance 

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New Survey Finds that eDiscovery Costs and Demands are Rising

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

e-Discovery Costs Are Rising

The FTI Consulting Group recently surveyed 31 inside council members from Fortune 1000 companies to get their advice for companies looking to implement cost-effective eDiscovery programs. The study, entitled, Advice from Counsel: An Inside Look at Streamlining e-Discovery Programs, revealed that eDiscovery is not only a process in which "every legal department must be versed,” but that costs associated with eDiscovery are spiking as high as $20M for larger companies still looking for ways to streamline their programs.

According to the report, most legal counsel believe that "Technology plays an important role in streamlining e-Discovery and reducing its overall cost, [but] there exists a healthy amount of skepticism about technology’s ability to ‘solve’ the e-Discovery problem” on its own. Instead, survey respondents advise that companies should combine these three critical steps when building their eDiscovery program:

1. finding the right, experienced leadership to guide eDiscovery initiatives,
2. implementing the right information retention and destruction programs to keep information manageable, and
3. selecting technology and tools designed to integrate well into their established eDiscovery processes

In order to streamline programs and cut costs, the report highlighted that:

  • 81% of the respondents have brought software in-house to reduce law firm or service provider fees
  • 42% have a tool to preserve or collect data from the cloud or social media
  • 52% would consider cloud offerings for their e-Discovery process in the future

ArcMail’s electronic content and email archiving solutions, which offer customizable retention policies and the industry’s fastest search times, are designed to help companies of all sizes streamline their eDiscovery programs. Whether you need a solution that protects, archives and quickly retrieves relevant emails and attachments, IMs, Salesforce™ Chatter™, Gmail – or all of the above – we provide it. Our Cloud Storage Gateway service allows you to take advantage of the cost-savings cloud archiving has to offer. Learn more at

To see specific case study examples of how our solutions can save companies, just like yours, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, please view the ArcMail/Osterman Research webinar Understanding the True Costs and Benefits of Archiving.

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You can read to original post on ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  data archiving  ediscovery costs  ediscovery policy 

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ArcMail Announces New Cloud Storage Gateway

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Friday, December 9, 2011
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2011

Get cost savings and convenience with secure storage in the cloud.

ArcMail is pleased to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Cloud Storage Gateway product, which allows you to leverage your existing storage infrastructures to store your archived content anywhere – in your local SAN, remote data centers, and private or public clouds. With the Cloud Storage Gateway, you have the all the benefits of ArcMail’s trusted archiving solutions – automatic indexing, the fastest search times and data security – without any additional hardware or maintenance costs.

How it works.

The Cloud Storage Gateway securely encrypts your electronic communications and related attachments and stores them in the remote or on-site locations of your choice.

Your data. Your choice.

ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway not only gives you the freedom to choose virtually any cloud storage partner, including Amazon S3Rackspace Cloud FilesMicrosoft Azure and OpenStack, you can also control what files go where and how long they stay. Using a combination "near store” and "far store” approach, your IT department can determine the files they want securely available on-site, while also taking advantage of the cost savings that cloud storage offers.

Get started with the Cloud Storage Gateway today.

Want to learn more about how the Cloud Storage Gateway can revolutionize your content and email archiving solution? Please read our press release, visit our Cloud Storage Gateway web page, or contact our sales team today. 

To view the original blog post, visit ArcMail's blog.

Tags:  cloud computing  data archiving  data storage  enterprise archiving 

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