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Welcome to the CTA members' blog, we invite subscribing members to post interesting technology perspectives and information to the community. Please subscribe to the blog in order to see a link to "Add A New Post".


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An Upgrade to cloud based Wi-Fi cameras and take the surveillance of your home to a new level

Posted By Caio Belliliao, Spotcam, Monday, January 4, 2016

Home monitoring solutions have helped to curb crime levels by a significant amount. However, a lot still remains to be done before the battle against criminal activities can won completely. There are many home monitoring solutions that are available on the market thereby making it hard for customers to choose their preferred surveillance system easily. Today, a good number of householders and business setups are currently using Wi-Fi cameras to monitor the happenings at their premises of residence. However, the use of Wi-Fi cameras based on physical servers is common today. Based on this, it is a good idea to switch to cloud based Wi-Fi cameras. There are numerous features that make such systems worth going for. 

Live video streaming

If you want to enjoy unlimited access to the videos that are being captured by your surveillance camera, you can take advantage of cloud based Wi-Fi cameras. You can say bye to restricted access to surveillance videos. Enjoy live streaming of videos in HD. You can use any online systems to do this provided it is compatible with the camera. The system requires any internet connection that is sound enough to facilitate the live streaming of surveillance videos. This feature can enable you to monitor your home while you are out engaging in other important life activities. 

Gain access to the footage from anywhere in the world

If you want to gain access to the camera videos from anywhere in the world, you can do well to upgrade to the cloud based systems. Thanks to these systems, home monitoring has never been easier. You can enjoy unlimited access to camera footage from anywhere in the world. This feature can enable you to easily monitor the security status of your home as often as the need arises.

Cameras compatible with almost any device

In order to access camera footage, you will need to use any compatible device. With this surveillance camera, you will be free to use any device provided it has a live streaming feature. You can use devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and any other compatible device. Today, there are also smart watches which have a live streaming feature. Such watches can also be synchronized with the camera and used to view security footage.

Use of electric cables not appropriate

If you are using the cloud based Wi-Fi camera, you will be free to enjoy wireless connections from the camera to the audio-visual system of your choice.  You simply need to setup the Wi-Fi connections to be in a position to interface between the camera and the audio-visual system of your choice.

Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions

The Wi-Fi cloud based surveillance cameras are designed to withstand any kind of harsh weather conditions. You can still enjoy unlimited home security surveillance irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. The cameras are designed to withstand water, strong winds and any form of precipitation.

SpotCam cloud NVR plan removes NVR server from your house, when SpotCam is on, it constantly streams encrypted live video to MySpotCam cloud server. You can connect to MySpotCam anytime anywhere to view the live video from your SpotCam.

If you purchase NVR plan, your SpotCam video will be stored in secured video database for you to review later. When server receives live video footage, motion and audio detection is also executed and keep you posted about any possible event.

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CTA and OCx host Chris Kemp, CEO of Nebula, Inc.

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Infrastructure as a Service Private Cloud.

Keynote Speaker: Chris Kemp former NASA CTO, co-founder of OpenStack, and currently Nebula’s CEO.

>>Register now!

Educational event on the future of cloud computing and best practices in building cloud applications:




At 28, Chris Kemp was NASA's first CTO of IT. He went on to found OpenStack, the fastest-growing open source project in history that is putting the power of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) into the hands of any enterprise, anywhere. OpenStack is powering next-generation cloud infrastructures at the NSA, CERN, Comcast, XEROX PARC, and PayPal, backed by support from vendors including IBM, HP, and Dell.

Applications deployed on cloud infrastructures can often benefit from higher levels of performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Kemp, now the CEO of Nebula, Inc, will discuss the types of applications that can optimally run in the cloud and how to design applications to take advantage of cloud.


Nebula One: The world’s first cloud computer.

The event will conclude with a live demonstration of the world’s first cloud computer: the Nebula One. Nebula One is a turnkey system for deploying infrastructure-as-a-service that uses certified industry-standard servers from vendors including Dell, HP & SuperMicro. In this live demo, you will see how the Nebula One enables users to take advantage of the system’s self-service dashboard to instantly provision compute, network and storage resources on the world’s most secure, easily-implemented, OpenStack- based private cloud system.

>>Register now!

Download File (PDF)

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January Client Spotlight: ViaWest™

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Friday, February 17, 2012
We at MCG are an incredibly lucky bunch. Why? It’s because of our clients. There’s a reason we stick to working with B2B technology companies. The forefront of new technologies is a great place to be, which is why we’re starting a new, monthly series of "Client Spotlights” to highlight some of our amazing clients and the innovative work they do.

The first pick for our client spotlight is ViaWest - a cloud, colocation and managed services provider - headquartered right here in Denver, CO. ViaWest’s cutting edge data centers, 22 in all, also reside in Dallas, Salt Lake City, Portland, Las Vegas, and Austin. So what makes ViaWest so awesome? Well, for one, notice the locations of its data centers: all U.S. - based. What this means is that ViaWest is local to many of the markets they serve. The company recognizes that customers are key, and the ability to meet in person with a customer is invaluable. ViaWest listens to its clients, values their relationships, and customizes flexible solutions just for them. For this reason, ViaWest's mantra is "Centered Around You.” Be sure to check out their Customers page to learn about some of the innovative solutions the ViaWest team has created to help its clients meet their goals.

The latest addition to ViaWest’s line of services is the KINECTed™ family of products, which includes KINECTed CloudKINECTed Storage and a new Managed Security product portfolio. MCG recently helped ViaWest launch the KINECTed family of products and we’re quite proud of it.

So you wanna talk about support? If you’ve done anything technical, ever, you know that having someone who can help you with your problems can make or break your project, and ViaWest knows this too. That’s why ViaWest customers can get a tech-savvy engineer on the line or in person at its data centers 24/7. In fact, a ViaWest customer’s average incoming call wait time is less than 10 seconds.

These are just a few reasons why we love ViaWest and are happy to be working with them, although the list could go on and on. Check out our blog for the next installment of MCG’s Client Spotlight.

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