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Brett Schklar Shares His 10 Tips to Make Your Webinar A Solid Investment With Great Returns

Posted By Elise Milam, Market Creation Group, Monday, November 7, 2011

Couldn't tune-in last Wednesday to hear Brett Schklar's highly entertaining and useful AMA webinar on how to give great webinars? That's okay, you can still download a copy of Brett's great ideas. And to make life even easier, we've recapped all the juicy bits. Read on for Brett’s "10 Tips to Make a Webinar A Solid Investment With Great Returns.” But remember it’s not just the WEBINAR, it’s part of your marketing strategy!

  1. Pick up the phone. Ensure the best voice quality by talking into it. Don’t wrestle with papers either. Your audience can hear it.

  2. Ask attendees why they signed up. Then tweak your presentation to include the answers listeners are looking for. Oftentimes groups of people will be seeking different things—that’s okay. Just be sure to address each groups' needs.

  3. Invite enough people, including friends and "friends-of-friends” (FOF).

  4. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Did we say it enough? Practicing beforehand will help keep you from rambling. It'll also keep you from going over the time limit (and possibly pissing people off).

  5. Accurately identify the right "personas,” or characters, of the people listening to you. Otherwise you won't speak to them effectively.

  6. Easy on the content. Don’t write a bible.

  7. Make it memorable! Keep your audience engaged by assuming they’re ADD because let’s face it, we all get distracted easily.

  8. Follow through by following-up with your audience. Ask them for feedback directly-- was it useful/engaging/boring? This will help you know how to present better next time.

  9. Interact! Keep your audience engaged by encouraging them to participate and interact with you by asking questions or tweeting them live to you.

  10. Ask directly during your presentation: who would like YOU (the speaker) to follow-up with them? Voilà! You've got lead.

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Eloqua All About Revenue Success Tour: MCG’s Top Five Highlights

Posted By Virginia Roper, Market Creation Group, Friday, August 12, 2011

This past Wednesday (August 10th), Erin and myself had the chance to check out the Eloqua All About Revenue Success Tour up in Boulder, CO. The presenters gave a lot of great information, and it was useful to have Erin there absorbing information from an account perspective, as well as myself there to absorb information from a technical perspective. We gleaned some great tips, which we wanted to share with you here.

1.) Five Emails a Month is Just Right For Reaching Out to Your Lists
Trying to figure out how often to reach out to the members of your email lists? Five contacts a month is the recommended number if you are varying the contact types. For example, one can be a newsletter, and one can be an invitation to a webinar. Five (or thereabouts) is an ideal range – too many contacts and your prospects and customers might get sick of you and unsubscribe, but with too few, you run the risk of their forgetting about you.

2.) Short and Frequent Emails Always Beat Out Long and Occasional Emails
One presenter noticed that the click-through rates in his company’s newsletter had 80% of clicks coming from the first 3 articles listed in the newsletter. Rather than waste all of that content sitting lower in the email, his company’s solution was to make the newsletters shorter, and send them out more frequently.

3.) Marketing Automation is the BEST Way to Scale
No, really. If you’re not doing marketing automation yet, now is the time to get started!

4.) Content Personalization is the Future of Marketing
The key, of course, is how to make it personalized. Here’s an amazing scenario for how to get great data about your customers and prospects: So you’ve got campaigns, with forms, where users fill out those forms and submit them. You want as much information as you can get, but you also don’t want to overwhelm your users with a bajillion fields and inadvertently frustrate them. Or worse, scare them off. So, mix up the fields. Include fields for name and email in every form – these are expected and it would be confusing to not include them. Then, in one form a user might be presented with "Company name" and on another form they would be presented with "Which of our solutions are your most interested in?" What this also means is that the subscribers you end up with most information on are also the subscribers that are most interested in what you have offer – they’re the ones that keep coming back again and again and downloading your whitepapers and watching your webinars, and thus the ones that answer the most questions.

5.) Qualify Webinar Attendees with Concise Titles and Email Reminders
So you’ve got a webinar coming up and want to promote it. But when it comes to what emails to send out, you’re afraid of harassing users who sign up right away, yet don’t want those last-minute people to miss out. Eloqua partnered with ReadyTalk and now give you the ability to set up a decision tree that sends out emails based on how members of your email list have already responded. Those that sign up early can get an email with "Reminder! Awesome webinar impending!” in the subject line, but those who have yet to sign up can get "Hey! Don’t forget to sign up for this awesome webinar!” You can customize the heck out of your email reminder process this way!

Some other neat things that are upstream in the Eloqua world include:

  • The Eloqua Revenue Suite is launching this Sunday. You’ll be able to, among other things, compare your stats against others in your industry. And based on the sneak preview we saw, if you’ve a chart and graph fetish, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

  • Eloqua 10 is coming out soon as a tiered release depending on account type. Those of us that actually build the emails in Eloqua can look forward to a full html source editor! With a split screen, you’ll be able to write your code, and then preview it in the accompanying screen. And, as someone who’s built her fair share of emails in Eloqua, I’m definitely excited about this feature!

  • If you want to save yourself some work when integrating Eloqua with outside systems such as ReadyTalk (along with personalizing your process by setting up sweet custom rules) check out Eloqua Cloud Connectors.

The Colorado stop of the Eloqua All About Revenue Success Tour was one of the earlier ones, so be sure to check out their website to see if the tour is coming anywhere you.

Tags:  All About Revenue Success Tour  clickthrough rates  cloud connectors  content personalization  Eloqua  eloqua 10  eloqua revenue suite  marketing automation  Readytalk 

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ReadyTalk 2nd Annual 5k - Race for Charities

Posted By Simone Nabers, ReadyTalk, Friday, July 16, 2010
The ReadyTalk Race for Charities 5K (RRC) is brought to you by ReadyTalk, Colorado’s premier Audio and Web Conferencing provider.

Who: Serious Runners, Casual Walkers, Families and Four-Legged Friends

What: ReadyTalk’s 2nd Annual 5K benefitting Denver’s own Work Options for Women and Young Philanthropists Foundation

 Where: City Park, Denver

When: Saturday, August 7, 2010 Race Start: 9:30 am Events: 5k run (runners only) 2K walk with four-legged friends  

Open this year to both individual racers and teams, ReadyTalk is challenging all members of Colorado’s civic and business communities to lace up their shoes and join them in an all-star effort to support local charities. The first 100 registrants will receive a surprise gift!

Cash Awards for Race Winners Individual Adult
1st prize $150
2nd prize $100
3rd prize $75

Individual Kids (17 and under)
1st prize $100 Gift Card
2nd prize $75
3rd prize $50

Team (Each team must consist of 3-5 people with at least one female member)
1st prize $350
2nd prize $300
3rd prize $250

 Free Happy Hour for the largest group over 10 people.Timing chips will be provided to all registered race participants. Live Entertainment Complimentary Food and Beverages Free Raffle Prizes Children’s Activities Free Raffle Prizes including Rockies Tickets, Bronco Tickets, Gift Cards to CorePower Yoga, Illegal Pete’s, 3 month membership to Forza and much, more!

 Attached Thumbnails:

Tags:  charity  philanthropy  race  ReadyTalk 

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