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World Trademark Review 2015 honors firm and four members of its trademark team

Posted By Sarah Schneider, Sheridan Ross P.C., Tuesday, February 3, 2015
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Sheridan Ross

World Trademark Review 2015 honors firm and four members of its trademark team

On behalf of Sheridan Ross P.C., we are excited to share the recent accolades and earned recognition of our Trademark and Copyright team in the 2015 edition of World Trademark Review.Each year WTR honors leading individuals and firms through its Industry Awards which are based on research that includes more than 1,500 face-to-face and telephone interviews with trademark specialists around the world.
Here’s what WTR 2015 had to say about our firm and members of our team:
  • Sheridan Ross…a formidable IP presence in the Rocky Mountain region…pioneering boutique continues to be admired by clients and peers alike. A reputation for “great service and close follow-up” makes a “very good impression” nationally.

  • Prolific filer Sabrina Stavish is “really fantastic … she can be trusted to take care of the client in the way you would want.”

  • … praise for deft portfolio manager and “brilliant” brand protector Miriam Trudell: “She is very good at assessing risk, not being too conservative or too risky. She has great business sense and is extraordinarily responsive…”
  • John Posthumus is “a solid lawyer who gives great client service”; he has energetically defended marks in every corner of the country.
  • Lewis Hansen – “Able to skillfully balance IP objectives with the challenges of the political landscape, he provides good insight into complex issues - this is what sets him apart from other attorneys.”

Please join us in congratulating Sabrina, Miriam, John and Lew for their work and well-earned recognition.
For additional information, the 2015 edition of World Trademark Review can be found here.
Rob Brunelli Gary Connell
Sabrina Stavish
Miriam Trudell
John Posthumus
Lew Hansen

1560 Broadway, Suite 1200 | Denver, CO / 80202

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Best Places to Learn Programming in Colorado

Posted By David Bacon, BWBacon Group, Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Posted on February 2, 2015 by .


Whether you’re interested in learning programming or you’re already a pro and just want to take your skills to the next level, there are many places to take classes. Our favorite programming schools are listed below, though there are many others. If you’re already a programmer, we’d be interested to know where you learned to program and how – feel free to reach out at!


Galvanize gSchool –

Galvanize has campuses offering programming classes in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and San Francisco. Classes range from 12-week intensive bootcamps in data science to 12-month masters programs. Upcoming classes in Colorado are 24-week developer training programs that focus on a range of skills, including Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and HTML5.

Galvanize itself is an incubator where tech startups collaborate and grow, making it an exceptional place to learn. Plus, there are job opportunities waiting just outside the school door, so many graduates find work pretty easily.

In full disclosure, BWBacon was one of the sponsors for gSchool in its first year at Galvanize in Denver.


Skill Distillery –

Skill Distillery was the first school in Denver to introduce classes on Java and it’s still one of their specialties, though their 19-week bootcamp includes training in JQuery, Angular JS, SQL, and more. Other languages like Ruby on Rails may seem trendier now, but Java is still the most popular worldwide (partly because all Android mobile apps require Java as their base language) and jobs requiring Java pay better on average than for any other language.*

The team at Skill Distillery believes Denver is one of the best cities in the US for programmers and a great place to start your career. Cole Frock, the school director, says, “Denver is a tech town in general. There are lots of systems in place to support new tech companies, like Denver Startup Week and incubators like Galvanize and Industry.” Skill Distillery is a popular option for those looking to improve their programming skills; they’ve graduated more than 40k programmers over the last 20 years.


Turing School of Software & Design –

Turing is actually a non-profit, so their hearts really are in the right place when they say they’re focused on student success. They don’t offer as much flexibility as schools like RefactorU, though – Turing’s only program is a 7-month, full-time commitment. At the end, however, students are considered professional developers, experienced with Ruby web applications, APIs, and more.

Turing is a little more expensive than some of the other schools on our list but they offer a job offer guarantee. If you don’t get an offer worth at least 65k a year within just three months of graduation, they’ll refund 100% of your tuition, which sounds like one heck of a deal to us!


RefactorU –

In addition to their bootcamp, RefactorU offers classes online (including 1:1 remote mentoring), and classroom courses on evenings and weekends, making it your best bet if you’re planning on working while studying programming. Their online courses can be purchased a la carte for as little as $25 a month, making them the most affordable school on our list, too. Their focus is on full-stack JavaScript, which Sean Daken, the founder and CEO, says is the future of web application development. “We’ve seen tremendous growth** in JavaScript related frameworks in recent years, and major brands like GE, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay, and Amazon have made significant investments to migrate their legacy web technologies to Node.js,” he told us. RefactorU’s bootcamp is popular too – in the last 12 months, they’ve graduated about 100 new full-stack developers.

Other bootcamps pride themselves on 90-hour weeks and the all-consuming nature of their courses, but RefactorU thinks students achieve better outcomes when they have some time to sleep, reflect, and renew. Their 10-week bootcamp in Boulder teaches students front-end and back-end development skills, all through hands-on projects and experiential learning, and requires about 50 hours in class each week, leaving the weekend free to enjoy all that Boulder has to offer. For those students who want to put in some extra time on the weekends, RefactorU provides weekend teaching assistants for students who want the extra help.




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National Hispanic Institute: CSU is University of the Year

Posted By Tiana Nelson, Colorado State University (CSU), Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Colorado State University was recently recognized as the University of the Year by the National Hispanic Institute.  The honor recognized CSU’s 25-year-long partnership promoting and encouraging higher education within the Latino community.

The university, the only state-supported institution identified to work with NHI, was recognized for hosting the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session each summer in addition to promoting participation through the Alliance Program and other partnership activities. The Alliance Program unites students, families, high school personnel, and the Colorado State University with a common goal of envisioning education beyond high school, ultimately sending a greater number of Colorado students to college.

“The National Hispanic Institute was founded to serve future leadership needs of the country via the Hispanic/Latino Community.  Thirty five years ago, the founders of this program envisioned the importance of developing youth and community by providing leadership and academic programs.  They have been successful in developing individuals who are now serving and making important contributions in government, education, science and industry.  The programs of NHI, which now extends internationally, continue to make a difference in the lives of the young people they serve.  We are proud to be recognized by this dynamic organization and look forward to continued collaboration,” said Vice President for Diversity Mary Ontiveros.

“CSU has consistently been a part of NHI’s work for almost 30 years. Whether it has been by sponsoring the LDZ, recruiting at fairs or the Collegiate World Series, serving of the College Register advisory board, or by making numerous scholarships available for high school students to attend the LDZ and NHI alumni who enroll in undergraduate studies, CSU has set a high standard for strategic partners who work with NHI in developing youth leaders,” said Ernesto Nieto, founder and president of NHI.

Fostering essential skills

The Colorado Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session, which began in 1983, is a weeklong conference where students are asked to assess the promise and potential of a community rooted in a reality of dual cultures and examine the assets of the Latino community and its trajectory. The event gives high school sophomores and juniors a better understanding of community equity building and a chance to improve their skills – such as critical thinking, collaboration and the ability to influence outcomes as well as public speaking, organizational management and constituency building. These are all essential skills to facilitate success as a leader in the 21st century Latino community.

“In recent years, CSU has worked closely to also revive and expand programming opportunities for Coloradoans from hard-to-serve or hard-to-reach communities through the Alliance program,” said Nieto. “This year CSU has quickly become one of NHI’s top colleges for members once again. There are many more projects and efforts that have grown from this relationship and many of them due to the direct leadership of CSU Vice President for Diversity Mary Ontiveros.”

“Like any true partnership, the benefits are genuinely mutual. We deeply appreciate NHI’s recognition of our commitment to fostering educational success of Latino students.  We are in return grateful that NHI has given us the tools, best practices, and curriculum to put into place programs, initiatives and community engagement practices that has led to better ways to recruit and retain Latino students,” said Associate Vice President for Access and Diversity and Executive Director of the Access Center Oscar Felix. “Our land grant mission is deeply rooted in an ethos of serving all of our communities, and NHI has been an invaluable partner in allowing us to meet this obligation to the increasingly important Latino community.”

Q&A with a LDZ Alumna

Kathia Castro
Major: Health and Exercise Science
Hometown: Fort Collins
High School: Fossil Ridge High School

How did you get involved in the Lorenzo de Zavala (LDZ) Youth Legislative Session?

One of my mentors told me about it totally last minute, the last day to apply actually. I went over to her house and filled the entire application, wrote an essay in a record time of like an hour. I received a scholarship to cover the tuition and on June 2013, I walked into Allison Hall with no idea of what LDZ even was.

Could you tell me a little bit about what you did in the LDZ session?

LDZ is hard to describe. So many things come to mind at once – the friendships, the hardships, learning experience.  LDZ is mentally demanding and it challenges you to think like you never have before. You are immersed into a room full of the brightest Latinos in the US and it’s in the middle of the hectic-ness of running your own legislative session, it’s in the middle of the near tears from not being able to pass your proposal in the Senate, or being on a serious time crunch to write your debate to present to the Supreme Court Justices that you realize that even in the madness of it all you can thrive, that you are confident, that you are capable. LDZ doesn’t make you this, it merely opens your eyes to let you see that you have been this all along, you just hadn’t realized it.

What was the most influential thing you learned at the LDZ session?

For me, the most influential thing was the opportunity of being surrounded by other Latino kids that like me want to succeed in life, who, like me, come from a background that, generally, because of low income, can’t attend college, people who understand what it is to be a Latino teenager in an America that is barely starting to recognize our raw potential for success. Knowing that there were others like me, others who so passionately cared for our community and were willing to go above and beyond to attend college was one of the biggest motivations in my life. On Sunday morning, you walk out of LDZ with an entire different perspective, with a new mentality and with 102 new brothers and sisters because, the same kids that you wouldn’t make eye contact with on the same day, are now family, and this LDZ family is  the future of America, that is what is so  incredible about LDZ.

Did attending the session influence your decision to come to CSU?

CSU had always been a top choice for me; LDZ only reinforced my opinion of Colorado State.

What’s your favorite thing to do on campus?

I love going to El Centro in the LSC; it’s my little home away from home. The people who work there are all kind and welcoming.

If you were to recommend CSU to a friend, what would you say?

Life 102 is no joke.

What do you think about CSU receiving the “University of the Year” recognition from the National Hispanic Institute?

I think it’s well-deserved. Every summer for 25 years now Colorado State University has been endorsing change and growth within the Latino Community, and that is something that I am forever grateful for.

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Global MindED Conference

Posted By Alexandra West, Colorado Technology Foundation, Thursday, January 22, 2015

The GlobalMindED Conference is a Denver-based organization bringing together students, educators, policymakers, business professionals, and thought leaders from around the world to share innovative best practices.


As a leader in technology, we invite you to be a part of the GlobalMindED Conference. This is a unique opportunity to promote your company’s efforts and get direct feedback to inform your own tools and technology. In addition, this conference may provide a platform for recruiting outstanding first-generation-to-college students who will be in attendance.


This innovative education conference:

  • Brings national and international perspectives and best practices to a global stage.
  • Features experts from across industries to promote a deeper understanding of education as an economic driver.
  • Engages student leaders to solve education’s biggest problems and present best solutions to conference-goers.
  • Establishes important networks and connections among education leaders.

Experts will facilitate sessions to challenge traditional ideas and generate possibilities around the following conference tracks:

  • K12
  • Higher Education
  • Global Work Skills
  • STEM
  • Students
  • Policy
  • Technology 

Participants will leave the conference with a new community of connections, blueprints for innovative ideas, and a perspective to inspire and deliver the best outcomes possible for today’s students, graduates, and leaders in business and technology. We hope you will consider joining this unique conference. To learn more and register, please visit Early-bird registration ends February 1, 2015.

Conference Details

June 18-19, 2015 (optional pre-conference June 17)

Denver Marriott City Center

1701 California Street

Denver, CO 80202

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Volunteer for 2015 C-Level @ A Mile High

Posted By Lizz McGehee, Colorado Technology Association Events Manager, Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As we ring in 2015, we also are ringing in a few new initiatives with CTA’s volunteer program. Moving forward, we require volunteers to be current subscribing members of CTA. In turn, to reward our dedicated volunteers we will be awarding free event tickets to individuals who volunteer more than 10 hours toward a CTA event. And any volunteer giving 5-10 hours will receive a 65% discounted event ticket. This means for subscribing members who already receive a complimentary pass to our signature events, you will have the opportunity to earn an additional ticket to share with a client, coworker or guest.

With this said, we have begun the countdown for our largest event of the year, C-Level @ A Mile High at Sports Authority Field on Thursday, March 19th. Please join us next week for the C-Level Volunteer Kickoff to learn about the various volunteer opportunities available including steering committees, day-of-event responsibilities and captain roles.


The C-Level Volunteer Kickoff on Tuesday, January 13th 
8:30-10am at CSU, 475 17th Street, 2nd Floor.



C-Level @ A Mile High Volunteer Opportunities: 


Alcove Captains (2) Steering Committee
Responsible for managing zone captains & the concierge team.
Large time commitment working directly with CTA Events team. 

Zone Captains (6) 
Responsible for ~30 ambassadors within their zone at the event.
Will give tours to each group of ambassadors by zone.
Time Commitment: One hour Ambassador Training week before event (TBD) | 2:30- 3:30pm lead ambassador training on 3.19 onsite

Bidders Committee (10) 
Steering Committee
Work closely with auction services provider & CTA Staff, will also work with pre-registration committee to follow up with registrants to educate about the bidding process.
Time Commitment: Bi-weekly beginning January, Weekly beginning February 23rd

Concierge Team 
Information desk- Assisting attendees with any questions and helping direct guests to zones & celebrities.
Time Commitment: One Conference Call in March| Must attend one of the trainings offered | 3:30pm arrival time on 3.19
(3) Shift 1: 4-5:30pm
(3) Shift 2: 5:30-7pm
(3) Shift 3: 7-8:30pm

Registration Committees

Steering Committee
Responsible for boosting attendance- working alongside the marketing committee and CTA staff.
Duties may include: courtesy calls to the CTA membership - working with Bidders Committee for follow up.
Time Commitment: Bi-weekly beginning January, Weekly beginning February 23rd

On-site Registration 
Checking members in upon arrival.
Greeting attendees and directing guests to appropriate locations.
Communicating about bidding process and evening program.
Time Commitment: Must attend one of the trainings offered | 1 hr of training week before event | 4 hours for Setup on 3/18 | 1.5 hr shift on 3/19
Will-Call/Customer Service Desk 
Working closely with CTA staff to register guests who did not pre-register
Time Commitment: Must attend one of the trainings offered | 1 hr of training week before event | 4 hours for Setup on 3/18 | 1.5 hr shift on 3/19


Security Committee On Site
Ensure attendees have checked in before entering Club Level. Elevator hosts will make sure that everyone has gone through registration on the second floor.
Time Commitment: 1 hour shifts from 4:30-7:30pm


Silent Auction Committees 

Collection Committee  
Steering Committee
Responsible for reaching out and collecting silent auction items.
Will work closely with CTA staff in coordinating silent auction logistics/software.
Time Commitment: Weekly conference call beginning week of January 19th

Auction Setup Committee 
Responsible for setting up the silent auction.
Time Commitment: 4 hrs of setup on 3/18 
Check Out Runners  
Work with Auction Services Team and collect auction items for auction winners at time of checkout.
Time Commitment: Training 1 hr before event at 4pm. Shift starts at 7:30pm


Set Up Committee  
Time Commitment: : 5-8 hrs of setup on 3/18 | POTENTIAL 4hrs of setup on 3/19

Tear Down Committee 
Time Commitment: 2.5 hrs of teardown directly following conclusion of event on 3/19
Marketing Committee 
Steering Committee 
Assist CTA marketing staff with promotional efforts including posting through social media, generating blog posts, recruiting media participation, assisting with media outreach and grassroots PR efforts. 
Time Commitment:  Weekly conference calls with occasional on-site meetings.
Technology Committee 
Steering Committee 
Assist CTA staff with bidding technology used to share celebrity information at the event.
Time Commitment:  Weekly conference calls with occasional on-site meetings.


Members will have until March 1st to sign up for volunteer committees. You are able to register for multiple committees as long as they do not have any overlapping time commitments. Your committee captains or myself will reach out to confirm your involvement on the committee and follow up with meeting times and expectations. 

If you are unable to attend the C-Level Volunteer Kick-off on Tuesday, please email me your committees of interest at Please note that priority will go to volunteers that have attended the Kick-off event.

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Inspiring a STEM Future

Posted By Nikki Baird, Friday, December 19, 2014

I am the parent of a terminal engineer. You may recognize him, actually, either in yourself or in your own kids. His name is Corbin. He's thirteen. In those thirteen short years, he has taken to Legos about as easily as he took to breathing, he has taken out a car window with a vinegar and baking soda rocket, he has (with his co-conspirator friends) disassembled a home phone (without permission and then was unable to put it back together), and with those same friends built a "rocket sled" out of an old recliner, a set of old skis and a giant fan. Sound familiar?

However, it didn't all come together for him until last year, when he joined BEST Robotics through the Rocky Mountain BEST Hub. BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) is probably the coolest after-school program I've ever seen. It's part Robot Wars, part chess match, part Junior Achievement, and part real-world business experience.

Teams of middle and high school students are set a specific challenge, given kits of both consumable and returnable materials (there is no entry fee), and have six weeks to design and build a robot that solves the challenge set. At the same time, some teams can opt in to pursue the "BEST Award" where they also design a company, create and execute a marketing program, including a presentation about their company and a 10-foot square exhibit, and try to convince a panel of judges to "buy" their robot. 

I have to be honest, I've seen competitions and projects of all kinds, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of a BEST competition. I sort of backed into my own tech career by accident. If I'd had an opportunity like this, my life might have turned out much differently.

It has certainly made an impact on my son, so much so that I'm now part of an organization that is dedicated to expanding the opportunity that BEST brings to STEM education in Colorado. My goal is to inspire the future career choices of as many Colorado kids as we can reach, so that maybe they can have the opportunities that I did not.

We're doing this through Front Range BEST, what will hopefully become a second BEST hub in Colorado. We're just getting off the ground and we've got our sights set high: Add 12 more school teams in Colorado for the 2015 season, which means raising $28,000 in the next six months.

My objective here is simple: to inspire you to help kids find STEM careers. We all know the challenges – the skills gap in STEM disciplines, the opportunities those jobs can provide. Will you help us play a role in bridging that gap? 


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Holiday Gift Guide (for Tech Geeks) pt 1: Home

Posted By Aerohive Networks, Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide (for Tech Geeks) pt 1: Home

Sometimes, it’s just hard to shop for a geek. (My family complains about this every year, starting about now.) So, to help out our readers, our blog team put out a call to our fellow busy bees at Aerohive so that we could bring you a geek-friendly gift list. 

If you don’t like what we came up with, put your own suggestion in the comments.

 Our rules:

  • It has to be electrical. Without circuits, it’s probably not tech.
  • Practicality is only a secondary consideration.
  • Other than that, make your case!

So, what did we come up with? A lot! Based on the wide-ranging submissions, I've split the list up into six separate blogs: HomeCar & AudioPhones & LocationWearables & PhotographyToys; and Airplanes.

Enjoy our first installment on gadgets to make your home life a little better.


After spending the day in the office, most of us spend most of the rest of our time at home. When I first moved to Silicon Valley, having a “wired” home was what you aspired to. Now that Wi-Fi is cheap and accessible, not surprisingly, many of the home appliances we are after are also Wi-Fi clients.


Gift Idea: Vizio P-Series 70” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Who wants it: Tash Hepting, Tech Marketing

Why does Tash want it: "Most people will look at this TV and think “Wow, that’s a great price for a new 4K resolution TV… that I don’t yet have any actual content for.” Me? I look at it and think, “That baby has a 3-stream 802.11ac Wi-Fi radio that does up to 1.3Gbps - I NEED a TV with a faster Wi-Fi connection than my laptop, NOW.”

Where can you get it:





Gift Idea: Ring 

Who wants it: Jeff Haydel, Systems Engineering 

Why does Jeff want it: "What could be cooler than a doorbell that kicks off a FaceTime session whenever someone rings your doorbell? I talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) all the time, so I also love to bring it into my own home."

Where can you get it:


Gift Idea: Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

Who wants it: Vik Evans, Systems Engineering 

Why does Vik want it: "It’s the only way to start (and end!) the day.

Where can you get it:






Gift Idea: LifeSpan Treadmill Desk

Who wants it: Joe Fraher, Knowledge Services 

Why does Joe want it: "Sitting at a desk all day long can lead to medical problems. Standing is better but still doesn’t provide enough exercise. That’s why I’d like to get the Lifespan Treadmill Desk for Christmas. That way, I don’t have to stop work to go for a walk, and I can burn calories while burning the midnight oil." [Editor’s note: No comments about treadmills at work, please.]


Where can you get it:



Gift Idea: Keewifi Router

Who wants it: Gary Zeng, International Sales 

Why does Gary want it: "This is proof there are always new ideas in Wi-Fi!"

Where can you get it:

- See more at:


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The Resource for Information Technology Leaders in Colorado

Posted By Steve Willie, RMIMA, Monday, December 15, 2014

Rocky Mountain Information Management Association

The Resource for Information Technology Leaders in Colorado

On Dec. 11, RMIMA was pleased to welcome Aylene McCallum from the Denver Downtown Partnership (DDP) as our featured speaker.  The topic of discussion was Millennials and how the workforce will be changing as they become part of our landscape.  Just some of the interesting information provided is the fact that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be the millennial generation.  That is approximately 76 million in the workforce.  They are the most educated generation we have seen and learning is important to them.  They will also demand a work/life balance.  In fact, Aylene made the point that many would prefer a $40k salary that is a meaningful job with balance to a $100k job that is not meaningful nor has that balance.  They want to contribute, but in a meaningful way.

This generation also is driving much less than their older counterparts and desire easy access to work via public transportation or biking or walking.  They are a “sharing” generation in that rather than owning things, they’d rather share with others, whether it be tools or cars (Zip Car, Car to Go).  They would rather spend more money on a place to live that they like than on things like cars.  They love urban areas.  But they are not afraid to work in offices; they are very social and want to have that a part of their workplace as well.  They will choose the city they want to live in rather than the job, especially if it takes them someplace they do not want to live.  First city, then what kind of jobs are available. 

There were many comments afterward about how fascinating this information is and about how current employers need to move forward to get the best of this generation.

Fitting right along with this topic, there is a CityBuild event (FREE) designed especially for millennials:  "Show Me YOUR Denver" Gift Exchange

It is being held on December 17th from 5:30-8 pm downtown (CSU Denver). 

·  Facebook Details -

·  Eventbrite RSVP FREE Registration -

Please pass this information along to any millennials at your workplace or that you know!

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KidsTek: Minding the [Technology] Gap

Posted By KidsTek, Thursday, December 4, 2014


KidsTek: Minding the [Technology] Gap

3rd December 2014

It is a well-known fact that the Denver metropolitan area is a bustling mecca of innovators, entrepreneurs, curators, accelerators and, of course, crafters. Just look around. They. Are. Everywhere. And they are changing the world as we know it. For the better. And chances are they had access to two vital necessities on their road to innovating, curating and developing: a computer and the Internet. At home.

Technology is revolutionizing K–12 education—how kids are taught, how they learn, how they do projects, how they turn in homework. The Internet opens new horizons, expands possibilities, increases opportunities. All great stuff. But what of “lack thereof” kid? You know, the one whose family income puts him squarely at poverty level? The one who, but for a destiny of dwelling in the digital divide, had the makings of the architect of The Next Big Thing?

The Colorado Technology Association propitiously recognized 15 years ago that “for technology to work its magic, students must have access to it.” Meaning that, for a student growing up in a household without Internet or a computer, the doors to these endless possibilities were virtually slammed shut. At the same time, the ramifications of what was termed “the Colorado paradox” were becoming alarmingly clear to CTA insiders: while Colorado ranked #2 in terms of adults with college degrees, it ranked 39th in terms of high school graduates matriculating to college. What, no next gen? 


So, from a deep concern that Colorado was not adequately preparing its students for the growing number of tech sector jobs in particular, several members of CTA’s education committee launched KidsTek. KidsTek’s mission is [t]o increase the technology literacy of students at Colorado’s highest-needs schools through innovative after school, project-based enrichment programs, and in-school technical certification programs.” By partnering exclusively with schools with lower socio-economic populations (i.e., schools with 70% or more students eligible for free or reduced lunch), KidsTek is right smack where it needs to be to most effectively provide hands-on technology education for Colorado’s underserved youth. And to ultimately conquer that pesky, deleterious technology gap.


 KidsTek reaches 900 kids per year through programming at 22 sites across 6 Colorado school districts (Aurora, Denver, Commerce City, Adams 12, Adams 14, JeffCo and Boulder Valley). At the elementary and middle school level, KidsTek students learn basic Internet and computing skills, while the high school sites offer curriculum ranging from intro to computers to more advanced networking classes. At Hinkley High School in Aurora, students in KidsTek-instructed electives are dual-enrolled at the Community College of Aurora, which means they receive free college credit while still attending high school.

KidsTek’s results are impressive: of the 15 seniors who participated in KidsTek last year, all but 1 went directly to college, with the majority pursuing majors/degrees in computer science degrees, business and video game design.


KidsTek has clearly mastered the curriculum delivery side of the equation, but it insists that it could not have accomplished what it has over the last decade without the contributions of committed community partners.  According to Andrew Bissland, KidsTek Program Director,“Technology literacy cannot be achieved solely through school-based programming. Students must have access to hardware at home to ensure robust digital literacy skills.” And, while an increasing number of students report having “access to the Internet” at home via smartphones, Bissland warns that “[A]lthough cell phones appear ubiquitous, using a smartphone in place of a computer is not the same as achieving technology literacy. High-level research and other projects required at the high school level simply cannot be performed using a smart phone.”

KidsTek has found a like-minded compatriot in Comcast, and the two organizations continue to work in tandem to equip the next generation of technologists with the tools they need to be successful in the 21st century global economy. Last year, in partnership with Comcast, KidsTek was able to put new laptops in the hands of 60 students who completed a program.  KidsTek also works hard to make sure that the students at its 22 school sites know about Comcast Internet Essentials program, which provides low-cost home Internet access for families qualifying for free and reduced lunch.


Bissland believes the KidsTek-Comcast partnership has a good thing going. “We know that when we provide meaningful technology tools and training, our students will gain the skills and confidence to be successful in all their post-secondary endeavors.”

Thank you, KidsTek, for safeguarding the contributions of the next generation of Big Thinkers, Creators and Doers. We appreciate it. 

by Liz Palmquist


See full article here

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KidsTek Students attend WICT "Tech-it-Out" Event

Posted By KidsTek, Thursday, December 4, 2014

Five of KidsTek's high school students attended the annual Denver Tech-it-Out event hosted by Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) at the Infinity Park Event Center.

WICT offers women in the cable and telecommunications industry an opportunity to establish long-term business relationships by collaborating with some of the most accomplished leaders the region. This year's Tech-it-Out highlighted trends in the tech sector, included networking activities, and featured outstanding keynote speakers including Joan Gillman, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of Time Warner Cable Media Services, Susan Sher, former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama, and Myrna Soto, Chief Security Officer for Comcast.


This year, the Tech-it-Out event invited a large number of STEM students from local high schools. The students each had their own industry ambassador who served as their mentor for the day.  The event seeks attendance from high school and college students who are interested in technology-based careers, andKidsTek students were thrilled to be given the opportunity.  Attendees Alexandra Palma and Bibiana Piña from Adams City High School both stated that the event was both interesting and fun, and they were excited to receive very nice backpacks that each student was given at the end of the event.  


A huge thank you to the Tech-it-Out Student Outreach Chair, Keely Buchanan of Time Warner Cable, for organizing this and providing such a memorable experience for KidsTek students!

This post has not been tagged.

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