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Capturing Our Voice

As the non-profit association for Colorado's technology industry, we provide the place for the technology industry to come together as a community in Colorado. There are many benefits to being a cohesive community, one of the most important being a unified voice when it comes to articulating what is needed for the tech industry to progress. Needs such as a more business friendly environment, more access to capital, a talent pipeline to fill jobs, public-private collaboration, and more.

Yet, collecting and summarizing our industry voice through traditional means can be resource intensive and cumbersome.

Could I get a show of hands of who is in favor in making it easy for 100,000+ technology professionals to "weigh in" on what they need to be more successful?

We hope you answered "yes", because that is the purpose of using! Wayin enables our community to be a responsive, unified industry voice accessible to those within, as well as outside of, our community. It puts us all in the same room where we can ask for a show of hands.

More benefits will flow to our community and industry when we unite our voice for the collective good - all boats will rise together.

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