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Increase Access to Capital

Business Funding refers to refers to:

  • The lending climate between banks and companies in the industry in Colorado.
  • Activity level of private investors (angel and venture) with companies in the industry in Colorado.
  • Access to other types of financing, including foreign direct investment.

Did you know?

Research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers ranked Colorado fourth for early-stage venture capital investment. The state’s total venture capital investments into 41 startup companies in 2011 ($290 million) was more than three times the investment amount into 32 startups reported in 2006. Colorado received particular accolades for its entrepreneurial spirit, educated population, TechStars program, active community leaders, and exceptional educational and research institutions. California received the greatest investments from earlystage dollars invested into startup companies.

Source: Monthly Economic Summary June 2012, MetroDenver


Bennet and other senators included the crowdfunding provision in the JOBS Act, which was signed into law by President Barack Obama in April. "Many small businesses, young businesses and start-ups face challenges raising capital,” Senator Bennet said. "Crowdfunding is great tool to access new investment, drive innovation, promote job growth and support small businesses in a way we have not seen before. These sessions will offer important information about crowdfunding and how it can help Colorado businesses harness capital.”

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